History of Luby Publishing – continued –

                                  The magazine has evolved over the years. Bowlers Journal changed its name to “The National Bowlers Journal and Billiard Revue” in 1952 in an effort to showcase the growing pool and billiard industry. In 1978, the Billiard Revue spun off into its own magazine and became Billiards Digest. In 1988, the company changed its corporate name from National Bowlers Journal, Inc. to Luby Publishing Inc. Additionally, Bowlers Journal International has expanded its reach in delivering news and information through and with targeted on-line vehicles: BJI Cyber Report and e-Bowler.

The core brand is Bowlers Journal International which is also incorporated into the tournament, digital magazine and newsletters. The magazine has had a significant impact on its industry as well. Bowlers Journal International was behind only Major League Baseball in naming the sport’s first All-American Team. Mort Luby Jr. won the BPAA Special Projects Award for the creation of the “Architecture and Design Awards” for bowling centers.   The magazine also pushed for the creation of a bowling stadium which led to the National Bowling Stadium being built in Reno. The Bowlers Journal Tournament has paid out millions of dollars in prize money to bowlers throughout its 70-year history.

Bowlers Journal International continues to provide both consumer and business information to a variety of people throughout bowling, including business executives, proprietors, pro shop owners, maintenance personnel, and of course, high-average and professional bowlers. Every month, Bowlers Journal International provides industry news, tournament information, bowling ball reviews, new product sections, editorials and instruction. The magazine also offers insightful feature stories on a variety of subjects, from the top American professional and amateur bowlers, to international bowling superstars and to the people in the news, from coverage of tournaments to eye-opening interviews with bowling’s leading personalities.

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